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Set up takes only a few minutes and with the Crown Master Mitre Box you can see everything that’s going on! Take all the guess work out of measuring; don’t use a piece of equipment that you can’t see your measurement lines!

You can even use the mitre box to help you measure a long piece of molding by yourself. You’ll never have to worry about having small ‘slice’ cuts fall under your saw blade, dangerously shooting out of the saw and/or breaking; because our CMMB has a solid back fence you can cut pieces big or small with confidence!

The Crown Master Mitre Box (CMMB) is easily adjusted to accept any size crown molding up to 4½” wide. It also easily adjusts to any angle of tilt for any particular molding. The CMMB easily creates the ability to cut mitred joints in crown and other tilt moldings for angles of 1 degree to 45 degrees, and the auxiliary fence attachments easily accommodate the more difficult cuts of extreme mitres of 45 degrees and greater.

  • Basic Kit

    Basic Kit – $79.99 $47.99 Sale Add To Cart

    The Basic Kit contains one Crown Master Mitre Box, allowing you to easily and confidently cut crown molding for most standard angles. This mitre box conveniently fits on the mitre saw you already have, it’s easy to set up, and best of all doesn’t require compound mitres!

  • Pro Kit

    Pro Kit – $99.99 $59.99 Sale Add To Cart

    The Pro Kit contains one Crown Master Mitre Box, and also includes the added value of an Auxiliary Kit that allows you to cut angles steeper than 45 degrees.

    This kit is perfect for vaulted ceilings or coffered ceilings! You can rest assured this Pro Kit will give you the confidence you need to complete even the toughest of jobs!

  • Pro Plus Kit

    Pro Plus Kit – $149.99 $89.99 Sale Add To Cart

    The Pro Plus Kit contains two Crown Master Mitre Boxes and one Auxiliary Kit, allowing you one mitre box for the most common 45 degree angle cuts, and another mitre box for specialty angles and to use with the Auxiliary Kit.

    No trim carpenter or finish woodworker should be without!

12″ Saw Blade

120 tooth – tungsten carbide tipped saw blade for wood. arbor size 1″ shimmed to 7/8″

$59.99 – Add To Cart

10″ Saw Blade

80 tooth – saw blade for wood. professional quality, heavy duty.

$49.99 – Add To Cart

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